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Hogsmeade is an important location in the Hogwarts Legacy. This page contains an overview of the entire area, including all major locations, side quests, special encounters, and more.


  • Hogsmeade-Nebenquests
    • Mission: Follow the Butterflies
    • Mission: A challenging delivery
    • Mission: Toxic Revenge
    • Mission: A true friend
    • Mission: Flight Test
    • Missão: Nimm den Keks
    • Mission: Stain Removal
    • Quest: Dragon Overhaul
    • Quest: Poached Egg
    • Mission: The sky is the limit
    • Quest: The One Unicorn
    • Quest: Tangled Web
  • Hogsmeade Valley - Chests of Eyes
  • Main locations in Hogsmeade
    • tomes and scrolls
    • Spintwitches athletic needs
    • Potions by J. Pippin
    • olive groves
    • the magic neep
    • Madame Snellings Tress Emporium
    • brooding and pecking
    • dogweed e death cap agaric

tomes and scrolls

Purchase new summoning recipes, which you can use to craft potions and herbal medicine tables to use in the Room of Requirement.

Tomes and Scrolls - Available Items

  • Beast Feeding Spell – 1200g
  • Beast Toybox Spellcraft – 500 g
  • Schneidestation Spellcraft – 1500 g
  • Spellcraft Manure Composter – 100g
  • Bouncing Pot Spell – 3000 g
  • Material Refinement Sorcery - 1500g
  • Potting table with Spellcraft large pot - 1000g
  • Potting table with two large Spellcraft pots - 3000g
  • Spellcraft medium pot pot table - 750 g
  • Pot table with two medium Spellcraft pots - 1500 g
  • Pot table with 3 medium Spellcraft pots - 3000 g
  • Potting table with three small Spellcraft pots - 400g
  • Potting table with five small Spellcraft pots - 2500g
  • Medium Potion Station - 1000g
  • T-Shaped Potion Station for Spells - 2000g

Spintwitches athletic needs


Buy brooms here to unlock flying or accept missions to improve your flying skills.

Spintwitches – Available Items

  • Vassoura Ember Dash - 600g
  • Hogwarts House Broom - 600g
  • Mondtrimmerbesen – 600 g
  • Windwischbesen – 600 g
  • Eibenweberbesen – 600 g

Potions by J. Pippin

Here you can buy potions or recipes that you can use to brew potions yourself, either in Potions Class or in the Room of Requirement.

J. Pippin's - Available Items

permanent unlocks

  • Focus Potion Recipe – 1200g
  • Receita Thunderbrew - 1200g
  • Potion of Invisibility Recipe – 800g
  • Maximum Potion Recipe - 500g



  • Ashwinder Owner - 150
  • Dugbog tongue - 100g
  • Horklump-Saft – 50 g
  • Chrysopid flies - 100g
  • Skipping Toadstool Caps – 150 g
  • Leech juice – 150 g
  • Spinenzahn – 50 g
  • Stink of the Dead - 100g
  • Troll Bogeys - 100g
  • Mutt hair - 50g

combat tools

  • Potion of Focus – 500g
  • Donnerbrau - 1000 g
  • Edurus Potion - 300g
  • Potion of Invisibility - 500g
  • Maximum Potion - 300g
  • Wiggenweld-Trank – 100 g

olive groves

Where will you get your first wand as part of the story.

the magic neep

Hogsmeade's supplier of fresh produce, seeds and fertilizers. Here you can acquire unlocks for the ability to grow all kinds of plant reagents and ingredients used for growing plants, making potions, etc., either in Herbology class or in the Room of Requirement.


permanent unlocks

  • Flusskrautsamen – 350 g
  • Knöterichsamen – 350 g
  • Mallow Flower Seeds – 200 g
  • Shrunken Fig Seeds – 450g


  • Fertilizer - 300g
  • Diptania Leaves - 100g
  • Rivergrass Stalk - 150g
  • Walnut sprig – 150 g
  • Mallow Petals - 100 g
  • Shrunken Fig – 150 g

Madame Snellings Tress Emporium

Here you can change your hairstyle and other character customization options.

Madame Snelling's - paintable item


  • Change hair and hair color - 20 g
  • Alterations Freckles and birthmarks, complexion, scars and blemishes - 20g
  • Eye Color, Eyebrow Color, Change Eyebrow Shape - 20g

Gladrag Wizard Outfit

Buy new robes and other gear here.

Gladrags - Available Items

  • Unknown Head Item (Well Equipped) – 0 g
  • Blood Mask (Legendary) – 500g
  • Dark Coneflower (Legendary) - 500g
  • Sienna Bloom Scarf (Legendary) - 500g
  • Illustrated Emerald Silk Robe (Excellent) - 200g
  • Tough Fedora (Excellent) - 200g
  • Tettersall Casual School Uniform (Excellent) - 200g
  • Caprichoso Vest School Uniform (Excellent) - 200g
  • Smart Parcel Uniforms (Excellent) – 200b
  • Steel Blue Robe (Superb) – 200 g
  • Aristocratic Set (Rare) - 375 g
  • Xale Spring Ivy (Excepcional) - 375g
  • Robe Mormaer (Exceptional) – 375g
  • Solver of Secrets Tailor Hat (Legendary) – 500g
  • Black Studded Gloves (Legendary) – 500g
  • Thin School Robe (Legendary) - 500g

brooding and pecking

After getting Nabsack and catching animals, you can buy consumables used in Enchanted Loom here.

Litter and Peck - Available Items


  • still open

dogweed e death cap agaric

Purchase Battle Plants or acquire the ability to grow them from the Herbalism course or the Room of Requirement.

Dogweed and Amanita Mushroom - Available Items

permanent unlocks

  • Chinakohl-Samen – 600 g
  • Mandrake-Together – 800 g
  • Venenosa Tentakula-Samen – 1050 g


  • Fertilizer - 300g
  • Chinakohl - 300g
  • Elderberry - 500g
  • Venomous Tentacles - 600g


Mission: Follow the Butterflies

  • Reward: Box of Flowers

To start this quest, go to Hogsmeade and speak with Clementine Willardsey. She can be found in The Three Broomsticks and asks you to follow some butterflies deep in the Forbidden Forest.

Travel with Flea to the Forbidden Forest fast travel point and head north to find her. The swarm group consists of red, orange and purple. So get close and they start moving.


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Follow them as they make their way down to the creek and up the path. A Dugbog and hunters will be along the way, but if you follow the butterflies on your broomstick, you can avoid fighting them all.

Keep following them to find a box. Take it, go back to Clementine at the Three Broomsticks and tell her what happened. You can tell her you found treasure, or you can tell her there was nothing.

Mission: A challenging delivery

This quest can be obtained from Parry Pippin in J. Pippin's Potions in Hogsmeade. Ask him if he needs help with a delivery and he'll tell you that Fatimah Lawang.

Fly, run away or run south to Keenbridge to find your potions stall.


Talk to her and tell her you're here to deliver the potions and she'll ask you to drink one to prove it works. Drink an invisibility potion (as you normally would), then she will agree to the purchase. Sell ​​them to her, then head back to Hogsmeade and talk to Parry.

Tell him you completed his order and he'll ask if it was difficult. Answer however you like, then you can ask for an additional reward if you like. Doing so will earn you 500g in addition to the Potion Cap collection item.

Mission: Toxic Revenge

  • Reward: Herbalist's Dragonhide Gloves
  • Reward: 500g

Ackley Barnes is grumbling behind the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, so approach him to start the quest. He will talk about revenge on a former business partner, but for this he will have to steal a poisonous tentacle.


Agree, then turn the west corner of Zonkos to find the basement.

Enter and use Disillusionment to stay hidden, as Alfred Lawley is still there. Throw your wand at some of the shelves on the left to distract him. Then go through it to the opposite wall and turn right. Follow the basement until you reach a cave where you'll find three large spiders.

Kill them, go upstairs and around the corner to find the poison tentacles. Take it and head back to the basement door. Use Alohamora to open the locked door and get around Alfred. Then head back to Ackley to complete the quest.

Tell him you want to get paid and you'll get an extra 500g on top of the herbal gloves.

Mission: A true friend


  • Reward: Summoning Spell: Barrel Rack

To start this quest, visit Sirona Ryan at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. She will ask you to visit her friend, Dorothy Sprottle, in Upper Hogsfield and get a box of letters. Then head north to the small village where you'll find her tending her garden.

If you talk to her, she'll tell you about the cave where the mailbox was placed. There you can also collect the Horklums she needs to make Wiggenweld potions.

Go southwest to find Horklump Hollow and enter.

You need to collect 10 Horklumps, collect 5 Sirona cards and find the box. Use Confringo to blow up the vines, wooden barricades and stone obstacles as you make your way along the path, collecting horclumps along the sidewalk.


Keep going until you slide down into a hole where you'll find a troll. Kill him or walk past him and turn left, go up the stairs and through the wrought iron gate. Follow the path over the bridge to the left and you'll find the box and letters scattered across the floor. Collect them all and then head back to Dorothy in Upper Hogsfield to hand over the Horklumps.

After that, head back to Sirona in Hogsmeade to complete the quest.

Flight test

640pxOnce you've completed your flying course as part of the main story, you can head to Spintwitches Sporting Needs. After buying a broom, Mr. Weekes offers you the opportunity to help develop upgrades that improve broom performance.

Agree to help and you'll be tasked with completing the time trials. Go to the Quidditch pitch and meet Imelda Reyes.

Imelda will task you with completing a time trial course, and you'll have to beat her time to complete it (which isn't difficult). Hold Boost for the entire attempt and collect as many yellow bubbles as you can as you fly ring by ring along the track. Each yellow bubble keeps your boost meter full, but you don't have to collect them all or even fly through all the rings to win.


I missed a white ring and three or four yellow bubbles and still beat Imelda's time by almost a minute. After you beat her time, return to Albie Weekes at Spintwitches in Hogsmeade to complete the quest.

Talk to Albie, then go back and talk to him again. You can buy broom upgrade for 1000g.

Mission: Defeat the competition

NOTE: To start this mission, you must have completed the flight test first.

Fly close to the Irondale fast travel point in the Feldcroft region, then fly northeast to reach Imelda's location and begin the next test.


This course is longer and more challenging, but as long as you're on momentum and trapping as many yellow bubbles as you can, you should be able to pass. I had about 20 seconds left on my first try.

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As before, head back to Albie in Hogsmeade to turn in the quest.

Mission: The sky is the limit

This is the follow-up mission forsweep the competition. After completing this quest and advancing to Winter and progressing through the Stop Ranrok and Rookwood section of the main quest, Albie's second broom upgrade is finally complete.

You'll need 4,000g to buy the Spintwitches upgrade in Hogsmeade, but after that he'll let you know that Imelda Reyes has another test waiting for you.


Head to the southernmost part of the map, in the southwest corner of the Clagmar Coast, to find it east of Henrietta's hideout. Fly down and talk to Imelda to start the time trial. As always, fly through the hoops and collect as many yellow bubbles as you can to keep your boost active at all times.

Once that's done, go back to talk to Imelda. Then go back and talk to Albie at Spintwitches in Hogsmeade. This completes the quest and he can begin the final broom upgrade.

Missão: Nimm den Keks

  • Reward: 300g, Appearance of a Beast Rescuer Cloak


To start this quest, go to Hogsmeade and talk to the goblin under the bridge near J. Pippin's Potions. They'll task you with retrieving their pet cookie.

Go northeast from the East North Ford Bog flea point to find the camp. They can fire weapons or use Disillusionment to sneak into the cage and use Alohamora to free Biscuit and other animals.

After that, use the Nabsack to rescue them and then return them to the quest giver to complete the quest. If you claim compensation, you will receive 300 g bonus.

Mission: Stain Removal

  • Reward: 500g, Bubotuber Harvest Suit Appearance


To start this quest, talk to Sacharissa Tugwood in Dogwood and Deathcap in Hogsmeade. She will task you with collecting Bubotubers in the Forbidden Forest. Then travel to the North Ford Bog Entrance Floo and fly southwest until you reach Troll Cave.

There are three outside the cave, so use Revelio to reveal them, then go in and kill the troll or use Delusion to sneak in and grab the remaining two.

Return to Sacharissa in Hogsmeade to complete the quest. Ask for more money to get 500g.

Quest: Dragon Overhaul

  • Reward: None


To start the quest, you'll need to complete a few quests for Poppy, including one where you'll find Horntail Hollow.

You can find her at the Three Broomsticks, where she'll ask if you want to look up the location of the dragon she freed. After the conversation, she will leave and not contact you for a while.

Quest: Poached Egg

This is the follow-up quest to A Dragon Debrief.

Find Poppy in Hogsmeade Square and she will take you to a location outside the Dragon's Nest. Follow the path, eliminate the Dark Mongrels, then use Repair on the bridge and continue until you reach the dragon.

Disillusionment won't work here, so just run to the stone ruins and hide behind them to avoid getting hurt, then run to the opening below it to continue. In the next area, take the path to the right and drop down the big hole. So, after destroying the barricade, go upstairs and run forward again.


Follow the path around and protect yourself with debris. Then cast Repair on the last bridge, cross it and place the egg on the blue rock to complete the quest.

Quest: The One Unicorn

NOTE: This quest must be in winter.

Reward: Wooden Maiden, 500g

Betty Bugbrooke is walking around Hogsmeade Square, so approach her to start this quest. She will task you with finding her friend Hazel, who is a unicorn. Fly to the Forbidden Forest, the Unicorn's Nest south of the North Ford Bog Entrance flea point.


Use Disillusionment to hide, then move around until you find Hazel. Cast Arresto Momentum on them and capture them with the Nab Sack.

Return to Betty in Hogsmeade and tell her that Hazel is fine with completing the quest. You can also ask for help with room and board to get 500g bonus.

Quest: Tangled Web

This quest can be found in Hogsmeade at the Three Broomsticks. Speak with Crispin Dunne to start the quest, then head south to Aranshire.

NOTE: You must first completeThe Trial of Charles RookwoodEescape dateto unlock access to the Tangled Web.

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Reward: Shelf of Dark Curiosities


WARNING: There are many very large spiders in this quest.

Once you reach Flea Point in Aranshire, you'll be ambushed by spiders. Take them out and use Alohamora on the front door lock of the house next to the flea spot. Go inside to find Mary.

Search the webs for a note, then exit the house and come back to find a basement door. Enter, run back, turn left and take the ladder to the lower level. Then follow the path until you reach a larger open area.

Here you need to destroy 12 egg sacs, so use your fire magic and easy shots and use Revelio to find any you missed. Be sure to watch out for bubbles on the walls and floor.

Clear the first four bags off the walls in the main room, then take the north path and break through the wooden barricades to reach another area with more bags on the walls.


Finally, go back to the main room and go to the opposite side. Run up the slope to find three more. Then keep looking for a table, some other notes, and the final bag.

Jump back down to ground level to face a Matriarch who is breaking through the wooden barrier on the east side of the cave.

Continue east into the newly accessible area to find an even larger room and the Insatiable Spider. Kill him and all of his friends, then travel back to Hogsmeade to find Crispin.

Hogsmeade - Chests of Eyes

Eyeball Chests (or Eye Crates) can be opened once the player has the Delusion spell, which can be obtained during the quest to sneak into the restricted area of ​​the library. To open it, stay out of sight, then cast Disillusionment and sneak closer to loot the chest before the locks have a chance to open.

Each chest contains 500g, so it's worth looking for.

Hogsmeade - Eyeball Chest 1


The first chest is behind the Hog's Head, in the destroyed field between him and the Tomes and Scrolls.

Hogsmeade - Eyeball 2

The second eye chest is under the bridge between J Pippins and The Magic Neep.

Hogsmeade - Eyeball Bay 3


The Third Eye Chest is in the cemetery north of town, in the back corner, behind a small crypt.

Hogsmeade - Eyeball Bay 4

The Fourth Eye Chest is located southeast of the North Bridge, near Brood and Peck.

Hogsmeade - Eyeball Bay 5


The Fifth Eye Chest is outside the city, east of Honeydukes. Go through the house to the south along the cliff edge and you'll find the chest against the back wall.

Hogsmeade - Eyeball Bay 6

The 6 eye chest was behind the fenced yard in the southeast corner of town.

Hogsmeade - Eyeball Bay 7


Eye Chest 7 is approximately between J. Pippin's Potions and Madame Snelling's Tress Emporium, behind a house near the bridge.

Hogsmeade - Eyeball Bay 8

Eye Chest 8 is behind a house southwest of The Magic Neep.

Hogsmeade - Eyeball Bay 9


Eye Chest 9 is located in Gladrags Wizardwear.

Hogsmeade - Eyeball Bay 10

Eye Chest 10 is located in Dogweed and Deathcap.

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Main sections of the guide

  • All Merlin Trials solutions
  • All Arithmancy door puzzle locations and solutions
  • Location of the statues of the Semiviso
  • Field guide page locations

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What are the secret quests in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

You will find one of the three Hogwarts secrets in the Clock Tower. Behind the giant pendulum, you will see a unicorn, owl face, twin dragons, and scarab symbol towards the ceiling. Each symbol represents a locked door.

What to buy from J Pippins? ›

J. Pippin's Potions is the best place to purchase potions and recipes that allow you to brew potions on your own, either in Potions class or in the Room of Requirement.

How many main quests are in Hogwarts Legacy IGN? ›

IGN's Hogwarts Legacy walkthrough will take you through all 40 main quests with tips, strategies, and notes on important things to find on your journey.

Can you take beasts from brood and peck? ›

Once you've obtained the Nab-Sack, you'll be able to enter Brood and Peck, where you can sell your captured magical beasts for Galleons, and purchase much-needed ingredients that are required to perform gear upgrades at the Enchanted Loom.

How do you get Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Once you complete the quest, which sees you reach a cave filled with Inferi, you'll have to complete a short battle against a character we won't name here, after which you'll be given the option to learn Avada Kedavra.

Can you go evil in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Yes, in Hogwarts Legacy you can unlock Avada Kedavra, the fabled Killing Curse and the strongest of the Unforgivable Curses by following Sebastian Sallows' quest line. As hinted above, to unlock Avada Kadavra you'll fittingly have to complete a few side quests for a Slytherin pupil named Sebastian Sallow.

What is the best thing to buy in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Potting Tables are one of the most essential purchases a player can make in Hogwarts Legacy. These spellcrafts help players grow various plants within the confines of the Room of Requirement, each of which can serve as an ingredient in different endeavors.

What is the best potion station in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

2 T-Shaped Potion Station

This is by far the best potion station you can get. This T-Shaped Potion Station will allow you to craft up to three potions at the same time! Having a couple of these around will ensure that you never run out of any potions you need.

What happens if you turn Sebastian in? ›

If you turn Sebastian in, he will be expelled from Hogwarts and you will not be able to interact with him again in the game. This means that, if he hasn't already taught you the Unforgivable Curses, now he never will.

Is Hogwarts Legacy 12 or 16? ›

Hogwarts Legacy is rated T (Teen 13+), with Content Descriptors including Blood, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Use of Alcohol, and Interactive Elements for In-Game Purchases.

Can you save Professor Fig? ›

Any option you chose results in the same boss fight against Ranrok, and Professor Fig dying. There's no way to save him even if you made the “good” decisions.

Can you breed unicorns Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Like any creature in Hogwarts Legacy, players can breed Unicorns, albeit a bit more time-consuming than the other Beasts, as the process requires an extra step. Unlike other creatures which can be found in groups, only one Unicorn can be seen when visiting its Habitat near Upper Hogsfield.

Can you sell unicorn hair in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Yes, you can sell any Magical Beast even if it happens to be a unique Unicorn.

Can you learn Avada Kedavra if you turn Sebastian in? ›

In case you do turn Sebastian in, he will be taken away by the Ministry authroities, and you won't be able to learn Avada Kedavra.

Can you learn Avada Kedavra after saying no? ›

You can also learn it in the next Sallow relationship quest where you should tell Ominis Gaunt "We must not turn Sebastian in." Speak to Sebastian in the Undercroft after this and he'll teach you any Unforgivable Curses you have missed up to that point, including Avada Kedavra.

What spell reverses Avada Kedavra? ›

Its incantation is Avada Kedavra. The only known counter-spell is sacrificial protection, which uses the magic of love.

Can I be a Death Eater in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Hogwarts Legacy is a massive success, and Avalanche's game gives players the tools to role-play as Death Eaters.

What happens if you use an unforgivable curse Hogwarts Legacy? ›

There is no morality system in Hogwarts Legacy, nor are there choices that lead down different paths. Any NPCs that are with you when you use them might have a shocked reaction and might verbally berate you for using them, but there won't be any gamified punishments.

Can you breed Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Unfortunately, the answer is no, you cannot breed a Pheonix in Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, the Pheonix is the only Beast in the game that players cannot breed.

What is the rarest item in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Standard Gear is the equipment that every player starts with in the tutorial of Hogwarts Legacy. Ironically, it is technically the rarest type of gear in the game, as it is only obtainable one time upon character creation, whereas every other gear type can be found elsewhere.

What is max level in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

The maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy is 40.

When they do finally get there though, they'll unlock the "A Forte for Achievement" Trophy/Achievement, which is one of the rarest in Hogwarts Legacy and a requirement for those hoping to get the Platinum trophy on PlayStation.

Should you sell gear in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Part of the uselessness of Well-Appointed gear is the fact that it cannot be upgraded, nor can it be given any attachments or traits. This means that the player should always sell this gear. Even if the gold is not great, it's still worth selling to free up gear slots.

What is the 1 best Hogwarts house? ›

Gryffindor's often thought of as the best house, as it's the focus of Harry's time at Hogwarts.

What is the best house to pick in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Gryffindor. Known for their courage under fire, unwavering bravery, and stout-hearted chivalry, students of Gryffindor are the most likely to engage in heroics, and may be a safe bet for those wizard and witches willing to do the right thing no matter the cost.

What is the yellow potion Hogwarts Legacy? ›

This potion is called the Felix Felicis Potion and, upon use, it makes the player lucky for one in-game day. This makes for an excellent treat for players that love to explore the map for tons of loot. The ingredients for the potion are one Lacewing Flies and one Fluxweed Stem. It takes about one minute to brew it.

What is the rarest thing in Harry Potter? ›

The Elder Wand is one of the most sought-after objects in the Harry Potter universe. Unlike other wands, this particular prop had the distinction of passing hands from two major characters: Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) and Harry himself (Daniel Radcliffe).

Is Depulso the vanishing charm? ›

The Banishing Charm (Depulso) is the countercharm to the Summoning Charm. As Accio summons objects to the caster, Depulso sends objects away.

Does Depulso do damage? ›

It does no direct damage, but can cause indirect damage when enemies or objects are thrown against each other. It will break the purple Shield Charms used by some enemies. Depulso can also be used to solve puzzles by moving large objects or turning metal spinners.

How many endings does Hogwarts Legacy have? ›

Hogwarts Legacy has three main endings for players to discover in addition to Sebastian's dialogue choices which change how his companion quest line ends. Hogwarts Legacy includes a good ending, a bad one, and a universal final end scene for both "good" or "bad" dialogue pathways.

How do you get the good ending in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

When underneath Hogwarts castle, Professor Fig will talk about how all the Ancient Magic that was sealed away by the Keepers will now belong to you, and ask what you intend to do with it. If you answer “I intend to keep it contained here” then you'll trigger the Good Ending.

What curse does Anne have? ›

Hogwarts Legacy Hides a Key Factor in Anne Being Cursed

Either way, it is originally assumed that Anne was inflicted with a Dark Magic curse wielded by Ranrok's Loyalists.

Will Hogwarts Legacy have DLC? ›

Unfortunately, those fans may not want to hold their breath for very long, as Avalanche doesn't have any substantial DLC plans at this moment. Avalanche has expressed that the reason it doesn't have any solid DLC plans is because it focused on ensuring the base game is released smoothly.

Do you get older in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

You Don't Age in Hogwarts Legacy Because the Game Only Takes Place Over the Course of One School Year. Your character isn't going to get much older during Hogwarts Legacy.

Is Hogwarts Legacy delayed to 2023? ›

The Nintendo Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed by nearly four months and will now launch on November 14th, 2023. Original slated for July 25th, 2023, developer Avalanche Software states that the delay is to allow the team to create "the best possible experience".

Is there a point of no return in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

If you're wondering if you can carry on playing and mop up your unfinished side quests after the Hogwarts Legacy ending, you're in luck – this game does not have a 'point of no return' mechanic. You can keep playing after the ending until your heart is content.

Should I keep the secret forever Hogwarts? ›

If you want to get the “good” ending, you are going to have to choose to keep the Repository a secret and keep it contained. If you want to get the “bad” ending, you will have to make the choice to open the Repository and not keep it a secret.

Is Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Is Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy? Yes, you can visit Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy. While it does not appear on the map, visiting Azkaban is part of an early sidequest that one of the four houses can access.

Why can't i put unicorn in vivarium? ›

Just a quick recap: The default Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy has space for 12 animals, but you're only allowed a maximum of 4 different species. As such, if a biome already has a Unicorn, Hippogriff, Thestral, and Puffskein, you won't be able to add something else, like a Giant Toad.

Can you have a girlfriend in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Is there romance in Hogwarts Legacy? While you can build up friendships with some fellow students, there are no romance options in Hogwarts Legacy.

How rare is it to get a unicorn Patronus? ›

A magical form of Patronus is very uncommon, and the unicorn is one of the rarest on our list. According to Newt Scamander, the unicorn 'is a pure white, horned horse when fully grown'. They generally avoid human contact, so a unicorn Patronus might indicate shyness in a personality as well as an air of mystery.

Is a golden unicorn rare in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Colors. Unicorns come in 2 colors: a standard white and a rare (shiny) gold. Offspring will only appear as gold (which is similar to the adult "shiny" color). Offspring can also bear the shiny star mark, but are still the same color as standard offspring.

Can you be a witch in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

A: Hogwarts Legacy is filled with immersive magic, putting players at the center of their adventure to become the witch or wizard they choose to be.

Can you have a dog as a pet in Hogwarts? ›

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy Has Nontraditional Pets Players Can Capture, Own, and Raise as Loyal Beasts. Unfortunately, there will be no Crookshanks, or if your glass of butterbeer is half full — fortunately, there will be no Scabbers.

Can you have 2 pets in Hogwarts? ›

Can you have multiple pets at Hogwarts? Sorry, you can't buy another pet. Only onetoad, cat or owl allowed per person. Given the wording matches the Hogwarts letter, and Pottermore is considered canon, this could be seen as tacit confirmation that multiple pets aren't allowed.

Can you breed beasts in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Hogwarts Legacy has a fairly chunky and interesting minigame to play in the form of beast breeding. Not only can you “rescue” all manner of Magical Beasts and place them in lively Vivariums, but you can also breed them to ensure the survival of the species.

What animals can you turn into in Hogwarts mystery? ›

When transforming into an animal in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, players have three different animals to choose from: a cat, a dog, or a bird. Developer Jam City has released artwork of what these different animal forms look like, so players can take a look at all of them below.

Are there any secrets in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

There are three Hogwarts Secrets that you can uncover to receive valuable loot, such as legendary gear, wand cosmetics, Field Guide Pages, and even Conjuration recipes.

Is there a secret house in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Hogwarts Legacy's Hufflepuff common room features a secret area that players can access if they know where to look. Hogwarts Legacy Hufflepuff students have a secret room they can visit in their common room that many players seemingly didn't know about.

Where are the hidden side quests in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

To find the Well, Well, Well side quest in Hogwarts Legacy, players will want to fast-travel to Aranshire, itself located just east of Hogwarts castle. Once here, players will want to head southeast and then the side quest icon should appear on their map, denoting the exact location of the well.

Are there secret passages in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Well, it is! In Hogwarts Legacy's "Descending for Sweets" side quest, players can open a hidden One-Eyed Witch statue doorway and travel the secret passage to an explorable Honeydukes' cellar in Hogsmeade.

Can you go to Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Yes, you can visit Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy. While it does not appear on the map, visiting Azkaban is part of an early sidequest that one of the four houses can access.

What is the 2nd Hogwarts secret? ›

The second Hogwarts Secret is in the South Annex, in the rooms above the duelling club that you'll take part in early in the game. In order to do this part of the quest, you'll need to have unlocked at least the second tier of the Alohomora spell by collecting Demiguise moons.

What is the coolest thing in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

7 Awesome Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Hogwarts Legacy
  1. 1 Transfigure Any Animal.
  2. 2 Have A Snowball Fight. ...
  3. 3 Mount A Broom Mid-Air Or On Water. ...
  4. 4 Decorate The Great Hall In Your House Colors. ...
  5. 5 Use Wingardium Leviosa In Combat. ...
  6. 6 Go To Azkaban. ...
  7. 7 Freeze Fireplaces And Enter Them. ...
Apr 21, 2023

What is the most forgotten Hogwarts house? ›

' it established Hufflepuff house as somewhat of an underdog. Hufflepuff is the most underrated house at Hogwarts.

What is the third Hogwarts secret in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Third secret in Hogwarts Legacy: the secret room of the Trophy Room.

Can you be on the dark side in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Hogwarts Legacy has no morality system, meaning that you can embrace your dark side (as far as the game allows it) without having to face the consequences of your actions.

Is anything missable in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

The one thing that can be missed are the curses. At one point, you have an option to turn Sebastian in. If you do that before you go back to the Undercroft and have him teach you the curses, then you cannot learn them.

Can you breed Phoenix Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Unfortunately, the answer is no, you cannot breed a Pheonix in Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, the Pheonix is the only Beast in the game that players cannot breed.

What happens if you choose Slytherin in Hogwarts mystery? ›

Your Character as a Slytherin

Being a member of House Slytherin won't protect you from Merula Snyde's ire; she will hate you just as much as if you belong to any other House and will still work to undermine you. Character dialogue (sadly) won't change if your character belongs to House Slytherin.

How long should I keep the secret Hogwarts Legacy? ›

“I shall keep it secret forever.”

This makes you the Ancient Magic's Keeper, and Professor Fig will pledge to aid you in this endeavor in the Good Hogwarts Legacy ending.


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